About us

Atiyeh Saba Investment Co. was established as an independent company (joint stock company) under the supervision of civil servants pension fund, on June 14, 2006 in order to manage subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

Atiyeh Saba Investment Co. is a specialized multidisciplinary holding in the capital market with the ability of achieving the highest profits for its beneficiaries. The holding operates companies in different sectors such as “industry and mining”, “tourism”, and “transportation”. With its specialized staff and long-term planning, the holding is seeking to achieve the highest efficiency, using the potential and de facto capacities in the country to add value to the existing capitals.

• Civil Servants Pension Fund’s CEO
• Industry and Mine Holding (Atiyeh Saba Investment Company)
• Energy Holding
• Financial Holding
• Food and Pharmaceutical Holding
• Civil and Construction Holding
• Tourism and Transportation Holding (Atiyeh Saba Investment Company)


– Increase the value of the capital
– Create national infrastructure platforms
– Technology Development
– Concentration of the capital and management of mineral reserves
– Equipping and modernization of the country’s shipping industry
– Capacity building for sustainable development with a focus on environmental protection and enforcement the requirements of HSE in the subsidiaries
– Overhauling tourism complexes
– E-commerce and the economic efficiency of cyberspace
– Reform of human resources
– Development of international relations in the subsidiaries of the holding
– Define new symbols to attract foreign tourists
– Supporting creativity and innovation
– Reinforcing dynamic companies of the holding

Our mission

  • Access to domestic, regional and international markets on “Industry and Mines” and “Tourism and Transportation”
  • Providing the necessary grounds for access of international investors to investment opportunities in Iran
  • Centralized managing, guiding and leading of commercial firms and companies covered by the Civil Servants Pension Fund
  • Increase of investment efficiency and profitability through employing the common facilities and establishing financial discipline in the companies
  • Contributing to welfare of the pensioners through enhancement of economic structure of the Civil Servants Pension Fund
  • Development of Tourism and Transportation infrastructures in Iran

Our vision

To become known as an international brand through market management, creating new investment opportunities, access to global markets and employing the existing facilities and capitals.